r11 – Mc19 # 1936 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Shilling Banknotes

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1936 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Shilling Banknote

r11 1936 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Shilling Banknotes

r11 1936 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Shilling Banknotes

ObverseGeorge V
SignatoriesE. C. Riddle, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia H. J. Sheehan, Secretary to the Treasury
Size156.94mm [width] 81.28mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 77 gsm
WatermarkPrince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) in left oval
’HALF’ behind each signature
Serial NumbersPrefix D, E or F over numeral
D/0 000001 to D/98 120000

Notes :

The size of the ten shilling note was once again reduced in 1936 to permit greater efficiency by printing more  notes per sheet. This followed close on the heels of similar action taken by the Bank of England for notes  issued in Great Britain.

Approximately 98,120,000 of the smaller Riddle/Sheehan notes were printed. Signatures are printed in orange.  Minor variations in colour occur. The earlier notes tend to have a slightly darker shade of orange than the later  notes. The green in the mosaic background also varies slightly.


Auction Prices
2012158[278] 308[311] 1072[560] 991 1631
2013257 1398 [1230] 3029
2014[114] 223 405 940 5700
2016 [208]210 [187]400 365 524