r3b – Mc10 # 1918 Cerutty/Collins Ten Shilling Banknotes

1918 Cerutty/Collins Ten Shilling Banknote

Half Sovereign (Bold typeface)
r3b 1918 Cerutty/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

r3b 1918 Cerutty/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms & George V
Reverse Goulburn Weir
Signatories C. J. Cerutty, Assistant Secretary
James R. Collins, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 195.58mm [width] 86.36mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark None
Serial Numbers Bold typeface.
Prefix M with Suffix D to H, J to L, P to T
Prefix N with Suffix A to H, J to M, P to T, X and Z

Notes :

The number range for this bold type serial variety was shared by the medium type serial variety. The two types  were numbered on different printing machines during the same period. The number ranges were M 000001 D to  M 1000000 D, M–E and M–F.

The later ranges M–G to M–T and N–A to N–Z had the bold type only.  Suffixes of I, M, N and O were not used with the M prefix.  Suffixes of I, N, O, U, V, W and Y were not used with the N prefix.

Auction Prices
2012  531  3495
2013  11068
2014 [663]  1000  1282 [3bL]  4080
2015 1140 3950 14400
2016  [895]1450  [1310]2750