r57 – Mc80 # 1934 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Pound Banknotes

1934 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Pound Banknote

r57 1934 Riddle/Sheehan Ten Pound Banknotes

ObverseCoat of Arms & George V
ReverseCarting Wheat, Narwonah, New South Wales, 1909
SignatoriesE. C. Riddle, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
H. J. Sheehan, Secretary to the Treasury
Size180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 75 gsm
WatermarkHead of Captain Cook in right oval
’TEN POUNDS’ behind each signature
Serial NumbersPrefix of V over numeral
V/0 000001 to V/3 076000

Notes :
By introducing a ’legal tender’ status for issued banknotes, there was no longer a need for them to be redeemable in gold. The opportunity was taken with this change to modify the designs. A new portrait of King George V was relocated to the lower center on the front and a bas-relief panel depicting ’Agriculture’ appeared on the back. Other innovations were the addition of a circle in the lower right displaying the watermark profile of the Prince of Wales (later to become famous as the King who abdicated – Edward VIII) and watermark TEN POUNDS behind each signature.

The Coat of Arms which appears on the front was modified with this issue to more closely conform with the heraldic description given in the Arms Grant of 1912. The major changes were the inclusion of the ’bordure ermine’ and the Quartering of State Emblems on the shield is corrected.


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