r54 – Mc77b # 1925 Kell/Collins Ten Pound Banknotes

1925 Kell/Collins Ten Pound Banknote

Commonwealth Bank Issue
r54 Kell/Collins Ten Ten Pound Banknotes

ObverseCoat of Arms & George V
ReverseCarting Wheat, Narwonah, New South Wales, 1909
SignatoriesC. J. Cerutty, Assistant Secretary
James R. Collins, Secretary to the Treasury
Size180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 75 gsm
WatermarkLight basketweave around edges and ’£10’ (twice) in centre
Dark ’Commonwealth’ above and ’Australia’ below centre
Serial NumbersCommonwealth Bank Issue
Prefix of U over numeral
U/1 000001 to U/1 866000

Notes :
This note, designed and printed by Thomas S. Harrison, is longer and narrower than earlier issues. It was introduced to improve production efficiency by allowing 6 notes instead of 4 to be printed on each sheet. The reverse design of wheat carting at Narwonah was retained.

Lot 4610 [the note pictured above] at Noble Numismatics Sale 99 held on 19th April, 2012 was a r54 banknote – graded F – which realised a price of $3,615.

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