Australian Ten Pound Banknotes

Australian Ten Pound Banknotes
Carting Wheat
Carting Wheat, Narwonah, New South Wales, 1909.
The engraving was copied from a photograph by the Sydney Mail.
Australian Ten Pound Banknotes
A distinctive feature of currency notes designed in the 1930’s was the use of artwork by Frank Manley based on bas-relief panels originally designed by artist Paul Raphael Montford. These panels represented various sectors of the Australian economic life :

  • Manufacturing – Ten shilling note
  • Pastoral – One pound note
  • Commerce – Five pound note
  • Agriculture – Ten pound note
  • Mining – Fifty pound note
  • Dairying – One hundred pound note
Australian Ten Pound Banknotes
Science & Industry centre panel and Karina Nartiss
Karina Nartiss (nee Sar) was earning a living as a professional photograhic model, and she received a 10 Guinea payment ($21.00) for the pose, in classical ballet robes, on March 22, 1952. She had no artist’s copyright entitlements as they were signed over to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as part of the deal, and she was not even told of the purpose of the photographs until just prior to the release of the note. No credit of her involvement was ever publicly given out until 1988.