r27b – Mc43 # 1932 Riddle/Sheehan One Pound Banknotes

1932 Riddle/Sheehan One Pound Banknote

Thin Sheehan Signature

r27 1932 Riddle/Sheehan One Pound Banknotesr27 1932 Riddle/Sheehan One Pound Banknotes

ObverseCoat of Arms & George V
ReverseCaptain Cook Landing at Botany Bay
SignatoriesE. C. Riddle, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
H. J. Sheehan, Secretary to the Treasury
Size180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 75gsm
WatermarkLight basketweave around edges and ’£1’ (twice) in centre
Dark ’Commonwealth’ above and ’Australia’ below centre
Serial NumbersPrefix letter K over numerals
K/72 897001 to K/98 269000

Notes :
Riddle/Sheehan thin signature one pound notes, which occur across nearly the entire range of serial numbers shown above, are encountered more frequently than the thick signature variety.

Auction Prices
2013[600] 800
2014 [268] 360[1440] 21554200
2016 [800]841[405]850