£5 from 1927 to 1966

1927 Riddle/Heathershaw Five Pound Banknote

r42 1927 Riddle/Heathershaw Five Pound Banknotesr42 1927 Riddle/Heathershaw Five Pound Banknotes

ObverseCoat of Arms
ReverseHawkesbury River, N.S.W
SignatoriesE. C. Riddle, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
J. Heathershaw, Secretary to the Treasury
Size180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 75 gsm
WatermarkLight basketweave around edges and ’£5’ (twice) in centre
Dark ’Commonwealth’ above and ’Australia’ below centre
Serial NumbersPrefix letter Q over numeral
Q/11 290001 to Q/26 773000

r50 1966 Coombs/Wilson Five Pound Banknotes

r50 1966 Coombs/Wilson Five Pound Banknotes

ObverseSir John Franklin
ReverseAboriginal artifacts & primary produce
SignatoriesH. C. Coombs, Governor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Roland Wilson, Secretary to the Treasury
Size167.64mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
CompositionPaper – 83 gsm
WatermarkCaptain Cook in centre oval
’FIVE’ behind each signature
Serial NumbersPrefix letters TB, TC or TD over numeral
TB/41 120001 to TD/09 519000

Notes :
In 1991 Note Printing Australia [NPA] issued a 25th anniversary of decimal currency release consisting of the last 800 ten shilling, one pound, five pound and ten pound notes. Included in this release were the first issue one, two, ten and twenty dollar notes. Many of these sets have been broken up by individual sales and may cause confusion in the marketplace.


updated; 20/01/2019